Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New Snippet!

Okay everyone, here is the snippet from my current story I've been promising.

Because it was dark, Max realized it would be pretty hard to see two golden bells tied together with a black ribbon.  Until he heard something.  A small ringing sound.  He paused, listening.  The sound had stopped.  Max back tracked two paces.  He heard the ringing once again.  Crouching down, Max felt around him.  When he finally reached to his left, his fingers dipped into water.  Turning to the water, he noticed a soft golden glow.  The bells!  Part of Max couldn’t believe finding them was that easy.  The other part was cautious.  How was he going to get them? 
Dive in, Max thought.   Before he had another moment of hesitation, Max lost his balance and fell straight into the water.


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