Monday, April 28, 2014


 As you open the garage door, the first thing you notice, amongst the mess, is the old man sitting at a computer desk.  He looks at you.  The warm glow of love and kindness in his eyes and tooth missing smile welcome you right away.  Walking closer, the smell of tobacco wafting in the air around you and the sight of a box of tangerines on top of the creaky computer desk comforts you.  You and the old man exchange smiles.  He nods.  As quick as lightning you grab four tangerines from the box and proceed to peel them together, while sitting on his walker.  You begin to ask questions about various things in the old man's past and he tells you stories about his life growing up.   While he talks, his deep blue eyes fades into the past, and you can close your eyes and picture the cliff over the river in which he once decided to jump into.  He told you about stories of your dad and uncle pouring out all the cereal in the middle of the night to find the reward.
        The old man sighs as he continues on to talk about God and the greatness of His son's sacrifice.  Tears drip down his crinkly, bruised, and tanned skin.  Not sure why exactly, but you begin to feel sad.  Smiling the old man gestures for you to come to him.   Squeezing your shoulders, he asks why you are crying.  You suppose it is because he is feeling so sad.  When he declares that he is indeed happy in a way and sad, you become very confused.  You tell him you don't understand.  Me either is his response.  When the door opens once more you kiss his cheek and leave the room, passing your brother, who is entering and wishes to speak with him also.
        Keep holding on.  That is the last thing my grandpa said to me, and that is what I intend to do.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

New Poem!

Here is a poem I felt inspired enough to write:

Be known to me
Forever be

We all believe
Let not one grieve

Reveal thy face
Vision embrace

Face revealed
Vision concealed

Is known to me
Forever be

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Something For Your Day

As you may already know, I enjoy writing poems very much.  I will be pursuing that area, especially for this blog.  There are many different types of poems out there to explore, but recently I have written a few one line poems.  Here they are:

The shining raindrops
Fall gleaming
And as they go
They are diamonds
In the night sky

The hushed wind
A gentle song
The trees

Breathing in
The cold cruel are
Are daggers of ice
Down my throat

So anyway, those are just somethings I felt like sharing.  Please email or inbox me if you have any suggestions of what to write about, or how to make them better.

Thanks for reading!
- Sam

Saturday, January 11, 2014


Here is a poem, because as I love writing poems.  On the outside they may seem meaningless and a waste of time, but many are in fact quite beautiful.  This is a poem about my hope.

By, Samantha Markwith

My life has been changed
In many many ways
Not only all around
But also to be reminded
There is one thing
That I would like to do
Is keep the love passing through

Many things, many people
Are great inspirers
Am I, am I able?
To meet my desires

Beauty is everywhere
Beauty unseen
Beauty that resides
Where no one seems to care
Only few has ever been,
Fulfilling good deeds
Finding the love residing everywhere

Many things, many people
Are great inspirers
Am I, am I able?
To meet my desires

My deepest hope and burning desire
Is to show His love
Contemplating things buried deep
The parts of us no one seems to seek
Can you just imagine
If we all came together
How many lives
Could we inspire?

Many things, many people
Are great inspirers
Am I, am I able?
To meet my desires