Monday, November 14, 2016

Hope Is...

Here are some thoughts on hope. Please comment!! <3 

Do you wonder what hope is? I often find myself hoping for things, for events, for circumstances, that all seem just out of reach. That must be the appeal in hope: searching for things that seem difficult to achieve, but close enough to reality to be possible. Still, hope must mean something different for each person you ask, and while I cannot imagine to cover what hope may mean for you, I will tell you the numerous things that I have realized hope is to me. We may even be similar.

Hope is the future. It can only exist with something I am looking forward to. It is impossible to have hope for the past, or present, only that the future may hold changes that are overall for the better. Hope guides my way of viewing my future.  Of course, the future could end up looking nothing like I hoped. Yet as I sit here typing, I can’t even imagine a different future for myself than the one I hope I will be able to successfully achieve one day. The thought of the future as an unknown is too terrifying to handle, so I must keep this hope that I clench onto so tightly and pray that this clenching won’t have disastrous impacts on my later life.  

All the above is considering the future as a long time away. However, it is important to note that hope also holds for the very near future, perhaps that the Spanish quiz I feel a bit unprepared for ends up being matching. Yet this type of hope does not have a large impact in my life, because it lasts for only a little while before it flies away when my question is quickly answered.

Hope is an ideal. In this future that I am so desperately hopeful to achieve, it is the definition of an idealistic life for myself. Could my hope be irrational as so many people have told me my plans are? Perhaps, yet my hopeful idealistic future, to me, is quite rational. Even if I don’t meet up perfectly to my ideal person in the future, I at least have a picture in mind to hope for and eventually shape myself into being. Truthfully, some of the ideals that I hope for, I know for a fact won’t come true. World peace for example. I pride myself in being too intelligent to actually believe that wars and ridiculous conflict within nations will come to an end. However, I hope that I can show some people that violence is never the answer to solve conflicts between two parties. War will still go on, but by being able to change another person’s future toward a more peaceful life, will impact their world. Changing as many people’s lives around for the better is my goal which gets as close to my unattainable ideal as possible.

Hope is denial. While the future is important, focusing on hope ends up with me denying the present. Denying that I can currently do anything meaningful to work towards the ideals I mentioned previously. Denying to take care of my own mental well-being, since there will be plenty of time for that AFTER my hopes have come true and been made secure. (Yet the notion that one who is unhappy, can make other people happy, is a ridiculous one.) Denying that to live happily is to live fully in the present, and not where my mind is always picturing the future and my hopes. Hope can, therefore, be dangerous. A vital part in my being, yet if I’m not careful, my passionate hope for the future will overtake how I use my life now. That would be disastrous.

Hope is a lifeguard. A seemingly contradictory statement to the previous, but hope is what keeps me going. If I had no hope… I would have nothing. I believe the same goes for all people, whether they realize it yet or not. I live for the hope of what my life will become when I will be able to fully take charge. What I hope for is what will make me happy. Thinking of my hope DOES make me happier. That joy and passion for my hope is what keeps me content in my day to day life now.

My hope, is what defines me. I have a purpose in life because of it. My view of how I hope my future will pan out, is an example of what is important to me, of what defines me. At times I may feel bullied for the idealistic world I’ve made for my future, but I haven’t let even my own parent’s contradictory statements steer me away from what I believe is right. You see, I don’t hope for money, for fame, but for what is really important to me: a future where I can feel fulfilled and help others to feel fulfilled as well.

Only one question remains: What are you hopeful for?

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